2-D Glasses For People Who Don't Like 3-D

April 21, 2011


"You gotta be careful -- too many D's and you wind up with a sausage party." -- GW

Allegedly 10% of people get headaches watching 3-D movies, and another 30% think 3-D is some sucky-ass bullshit and actually prefer their movies 2-D. Enter 2-D glasses, a pair of $7 spectacles with the same polarization lens in each lens, so you can watch RealD 3-D movies in 2-D. You hear that, James Cameron? I'll be watching Avatar Two-D! Sike, I'm actually gonna skip that one altogether.

Hit the jump for a video of the glasses' inventor being waaaaaaaay too f***ing energetic.

Product Site

Thanks to Chris, who still watches movies the old fashioned way: silent. Not gonna lie, I hate all the reading.

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