WTF, Mother Nature?: Chihuahua Triplets Only Born With Back Legs, Doing Fine

March 14, 2011


Seen here looking suspiciously like Thumper (your mom loved a rabbit!), a trio of Chihuahuas were born in Massachusetts with only their back legs. It's cool though because they don't know they're supposed to have front ones and are convinced all the other dogs with them are freaks. Hey -- I know mine are!

MSPCA spokesman Brian Adams said: 'This is a condition that we rarely see. Even more rare is to see it occur in so many puppies from the same litter.

'These animals have amazed us with how much they can accomplish on their own.

Staff have confirmed that the puppies are adapting to life without front legs and are potential candidates for wheeled carts.

Potential candidates for wheeled carts? Pfft, that's selling them a little short, isn't it? These guys have political candidates written all over them! "GW, put down the Sharpie or we're gonna have to ask you to leave." HA -- NOT BEFORE I ADOPT EVERY ANIMAL IN THE FACILITY! Oooooh, including this handsome little devil. "That's Eric, he works here." *stops rubbing belly* I knew that.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a very worthwhile video of the 'OMG OMG OMG SOOOOOOO CUTE' in action.



Two legs good, six legs better! Chihuahua triplets adapt to life without front paws [dailymail]

Thanks to Rev Dr Dom, who claims to be both a reverend and doctor but I suspect is a chimney sweep.

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