Worthwhile Super Mario IRL Movie Trailer

March 15, 2011


This is 'Mario', a recent movie short by Joe Nicolosi shown at SXSW that reimagines Mario in real life (specifically, as an indie-movie). Granted that's not the most original concept, but the execution is top-notch (not to confused with side-notch, which is when you poke an extra hole in your belt because you've gained weight and are too cheap or in denial to buy another one). So yeah, hit the jump and give it a watch -- what do you have to lose? I mean, besides your job. WHO CARES, YOU HATE YOUR BOSS ANYWAY! Dude's a real dick, I'm not gonna lie.
He's reading this over your shoulder, isn't he? Tell him what you told me about his wife's tits! Haha! Sorry I'm probably not helping, am I?

Hit the jump, I thought it was good.

Joe's Website

Thanks to c-note and Morgan, who tried to reimagine StarTropics in real life but their heads exploded at the sheer awesomeness of the thought. Really? Kid Icarus did it for me.

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