Facebook More Popular Than Pr0n In The UK

March 24, 2011


According to a recent study, Facebook is visited more often than pr0n sites in the UK, indicating either 1. people are actually getting sexed in real life (unlikely) or 2. masturbate using only their imaginations. Haha, who hasn't convinced themselves a cloud looks like a naked lady, amirite?

The internet research company says that in January sites like Facebook accounted for 12.46% of all online traffic.

That's the equivalent of 2.4 billion hits or one eighth of all web visits.

In comparison entertainment websites, including pornographic ones, accounted for 12.18% of traffic.

It's the first time social networking has overtaken entertainment in terms of popularity.

Of those, social network site Facebook accounted for more than half, or 56%, of visits.

Whoa whoa whoa -- but Geekologie is an entertainment website! You can't just go lumping it into a category filled with smut. "Why, because it's worse than smut?" What the -- I am insulted! "Really?" No, not at all. But sometimes I do like to pretend I'm a classy lady. *drinking with pinkie-finger raised* Oh butler -- be a doll and fetch my pearls and Summer's Eve vajay-spray, will you?

Facebook more popular than porn for UK users [bbcnews]
Geekologie on Facebook (why not?)

Thanks to TK 745, who's convinced he saw a steamy lesbian scene in a bonfire once. Damn! What kind of firewood did you use?

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