What Are You, Taunting Me?: Geekologie Reader Builds Homemade Robotic Spider

March 17, 2011


"Dammit, GW, spiders have eight legs." YOU SHUT UP.

This is SAMSA II, a hexapod robot built by Uruguayan Geekologie Reader pabloxid. Why he decided to send me a video of the thing I have no idea, but I assume it has something to do with luring me to Uruguay to rough him up a bit only to fall into some sort of robotic trap and get my nuts tampered with for awhile. NO THANKS. That said, I was too afraid to watch this thing alone so I made my ladyfriend watch it with me (who hates robots almost as much as I do and spiders even more) and she started beating laptop's monitor with a rolled up magazine. WTF, GIRL?! STOP DILLY-DALLYIN' AND USE YOUR FLIP-FLOP!

Hit the jump for the arachnaboticphobia in action.

Pablo's Website

Thanks Pablo, too bad I wasn't foolish enough to fall for your trap, huh? (Yes I did too, I'll be there in 14-hours)

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