We'd Totes Be BFFs: If God Facebooked

March 16, 2011


Note: This is only a wee-bit of it, you've got to hit the jump to see the whole thing.

You probably can't tell just by reading this, but I actually duct-taped a baseball bat sticking out from the kitchen table at crotch-level and ran into it headlong at full speed for including 'totes' in an article title. Rest assured, if I don't have the moral fortitude to NOT do something stupid in the first place, I'll at least punish myself for it afterward. Usually something ballsy. This is a recreation of God's Facebook page as imagined by CoolMaterial. This isn't the first time it's been done. Like, for real. By any means. Still, I thought it was worth a gander. Not unlike my neighbor across the street undressing. Yeah, and if you're watching through a video camera and zoom in all the way on his tits you can trick your brain into thinking he's a woman! I mean, I've heard. The guy upstairs told me.

Hit the jump to see the whole thing. But first, friend Geekologie on Facebook HERE.


If God Were on Facebook [coolmaterial]

Thanks to Michael, who God actually defriended for stealing his clever status updates. Just kidding, that was me. DON'T DO IT AGAIN. I mean it -- I'll at least stop poking!

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