We Lost Another One: Smallest Video Camera

March 14, 2011


You see that picture? That's a needle at the bottom. I know, I thought it was a knight's jousting lance at first too and was all, "PFFT, THAT CAMERA AIN'T SO SMALL!" But no, it's a needle. Which you and I both know is like double the circumference of your protractor. What? I'm a urinal peeper!

This tiny camera was designed to shoot video inside the human body, replacing the more common fiber optic endoscope.

The camera itself is about 1 millimeter cubed, or about the same size as that eyeball computer we saw a couple of weeks ago.

With 62,500 pixel resolution, the images should be pretty sharp, and what's really neat is the developer Fraunhofer says the camera will be cheap enough to be disposable.

"Cheap enough to be disposable", riiiiiiiight. I'd like to see the itemized bill first before I let a doctor throw away/leave the camera floating around in my gut.

  • Rubber gloves: $4
  • Disposable Camera: $600
  • Forceps $30
  • Removal of action figure from rectum: $1,000
  • Removal of action figure playset from rectum: $3,000

Six-hundred bucks?! Aww hell naw -- I'm returning it. *chugs Fiber Cleanse, packing-tapes pasta strainer to toilet seat*

World's smallest video camera is ready to peer inside your body [dvice]

Thanks to Mark, who knows a guy that once managed to wedge an entire Sony Handycam...I'm just gonna stop right there.

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