Wanted: Reliable Time Traveling Assistant

March 30, 2011


I've seen an Alabama Craigslist version of this ad floating around the past couple days that's word-for-word the exact same, but this one was posted a month ago (complete with convincing looking picture of LEGO Mindstorm time machine component), so it's obviously the real one (unless it's a word-for-word version of an even older ad -- or, OR -- people keep traveling further back in time to one-up each other. "Whoa -- too deep for me, GW!" Haha, so's the hot tub. Anyway, I don't know the circumference of my head in cm but I also don't know anybody that could watch dude's cat while we're gone so I guess I'm unqualified. Not that I actually wanted to go, I just have to know what "business" he needs to take care of in 1983. This is the kind of shit that keeps me up at night!

$12345 - Time Travel Research Assistant [usedregina] (that poor tart)

Thanks to Brad, sitting pretty (YOU'RE SQUATTING!) and tom, who applied but were all turned down for suggesting dude just fill up the food and water bowls really full so they wouldn't have to find a cat-sitter.

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