VIDEO ROUNDUP: Reimagined Video Game Sound Effects, Killer Preachers, A D&D Love Song And More (That's Right -- MORE!!)

March 9, 2011


I've got a bunch of videos to post and instead of posting them all separately, I'm just gonna pack 'em all in one post like a truck stuffed with migrant workers (I can say that, right?). They are, in this order (drumroll please):

1. Super Mario Bros. re-imagined with much more realistic sound effects. SQUISH! SPLAT! BRAAAAAAP! Sorry, that last one was me.

2. Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter preacher beating the shit out of his congregation. "No tithe? NO MERCY!"

3. A Dungeons & Dragons love song sung by a lady. Giving false-hope to D&D players everywhere: not cool.

4. Some girl talking about math-y stuff while playing with plastic snakes. "Heh-heh -- I'd let her play with my snake." WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU, SHE DOESN'T EVEN SHOW HER FACE! "Don't care." Don't care, or willing to stick your penis in anything? "Willing to sti--" Yeah, we know.

Hit the jump and stick it to the man for the last half-hour of your workday.


Thanks to Kevin, Balrog, Artie, Manda, zeppher88, Dreamless, Toto and andy, one of which won't stop barking about not being in Kansas anymore. The rest of which don't care just as long as there's a bar nearby.

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