Unreal Unveils Their Latest Gaming Engine

March 9, 2011


Yesterday we took a peep at CryTek's CryEngine 3 and today, the latest version of Unreal's gaming engine. As you'll see, it looks pretty good, even more so considering IT'S A HANDHELD RECORDING A PROJECTOR SCREEN. Just amazing. The bootleg I tried filming at the adult theater over the weekend? Not so much. Especially since you can hear the guy next to me moaning the whole time. Huh? NO I DON'T WANT TO HALFSIES ON NACHOS!

Hit the jump for the video demo.

Epic Games' New Unreal Engine--This Is What Next Gen Gaming Looks Like [kotaku]

Thanks to ryan and Brett, whose graphics are so unreal you'd swear it's actually real video. Which, SPOILER: it is. Nice try, jerkbags.

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