Truck Carrying 8,000 Gallons Of Printer Ink Flips, Makes For One Colorful Inkcident

March 10, 2011


Note: Full-res shot HERE.

Inkcident, get it?! God I slay me. Literally, I've been sharpening my ceremonial blade all afternoon knowing good and well I'd end up saying something stupid. Anyway, for those of you with overactive imaginations, this is what 8,000 gallons of industrial printer ink looks like spilled all over a highway. I'm not sure how industrial printer ink's price compares to regular computer printer ink, but if they're remotely comparable we need to hijack one of these f***ers. Booze truck first though.

No other vehicles were involved and the driver was not injured in the crash, which occurred about 6:10 a.m.

Approximately 16,000 pounds of ink cartridges from the Flint Group, an Indianapolis-based company selling printing and packaging products, was bound for a newspaper company in Portland, Maine. Red, blue, and yellow ink cartridges were inside the truck, but Ferson said there is no evidence the yellow ink was released.

LOL @ no yellow ink spilled aside -- 16,000 pounds of color, can you even imagine? I can't. Of course I also can't imagine a company still thinks printing newspapers is gonna remain profitable, so this story completely blue my mind. HIYO -- ink color joke! *hari-kari*

Hit the jump for one more shot taken by a news lollercopter.


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Thanks to Mark, who's never spilled anything but the beans. DAMMIT YOU SAID YOU COULD KEEP A SECRET!

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