The World Map Of Average Breast Cup Size

March 25, 2011


Note: DD-size version of the map HERE.

To compliment the wiener one from last week, this is the world map of average breast cup sizes. Now I know what you're wondering, "GW -- what's your favorite cup?" Thanks for asking, I'm really into fruit cups. JOKING -- pudding all the way, baby! Now -- before all you American men start high-fiving and motorboating your monitors, our average is a D because we're f***ing fat, not because our women have naturally large bazoongas. Shit, even I'm rockin' B-cups. *squeezing* No, B+ *trying to lick nipple*

Interactive Version [targetmap]

Thanks to MannaFromKevin, who threatened to tell everyone I wear two sports bras under a t-shirt to make my tits look flatter if I didn't post this. Whew, can't have that getting ou-- wait a minute.

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