Survey Says...Trekkies Are A Fun Bunch

March 17, 2011


In other facts & figures news, Star Trek fanpage Subspace Comminque recently conducted a survey of 5,041 Trek-lovers to determine just now nuts they are about Tribble-based foreplay or whatever else ungodly things they're into. What do you mean you're setting your phaser to 'makeshift buttplug'? LET ME SEE THAT DIAL!

  • 57% of the Trekkies who voted were female, suggesting there are more lady fans than guy fans [dons captain's uniform, practices best 'beam me up, Scotty' voice]
  • The respondents were mostly single, over 40, and well-educated [creates new Middle-age Matchmaker profile, reads physics book]
  • "Trekkies" was the most popular term for fandom receiving 43% of the vote [reminds myself to stop calling them Trek Peckers]
  • 79% said they were involved in Star Trek fandom because they agreed with the philosophical ideals of the shows [denounces Jedi religion]
  • Fellow fan behavior considered by the interviewees to be "deviant" were as follows: Unable to tell reality from fantasy (89%); considers Star Trek "their whole world" (67%); indulging in cosplay (47%); referring to oneself as a character name or taking on a "rank" (39%); producing fan films (13%); playing in themed music bands (4%) [brags about being born aboard the Enterprise]

Hmm, not really sure what to make of all that. There's an entire 28-page report HERE if you're interested, which I read about a quarter of before getting real sad about the whole thing and having to slam 64 oz's of green beer to cheer myself up. Which worked. "Uh, GW -- why's your penis green?" Oh, that? I tried siphoning.

Trekkie Stats Of The Day []

Thanks to Tom, who doesn't consider himself a Trekkie as much as he considers himself a real-life Vulcan. NO DEATH-GRIPPIN' MY WIENER, BRO!

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