The Sun Like You've Never Seen It Before

March 9, 2011


Unless you've actually seen it like this before, in which case, real cool -- ALIEN! Quick, somebody tase him and I'll restrain him with zip-ties before he starts mind-controlling us! Aaaaaaaand I'm punching myself in the balls. Next time a little faster on the draw, bro.

A section of the solar disk recorded in 30mph winds at the Winter Star Party on West Summerland Key. The massive detached prominence was visible for hours. Skies were quite steady despite the wind.

Note: Full-res version HERE in case you want to debate whether or not it's just a closeup of an orange WHICH I THINK IT MIGHT BE. Kidding, I'm not stupid. That shit's a clementine if I've ever seen one!

Averted Imagination (photographer Alan Friedman's website, with a ton of other outerspacey shots)

Thanks to Emily, who once flew really close to the sun but it was all good because she wasn't dumb enough to use wings made out of wax and feathers. Seriously, Daedalus, WTF were you thinking? "I never liked Icarus." I see.

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