The Placebo Effect, Or, What Do You Mean They Were Just #&@%ing Sugar Pills?!?!

March 7, 2011


This is a little informative video about the incredible effect placebos can have on a patient's mind. It's pretty interesting, particularly if you're not familiar with placebos. Me? I once got an entire frat wasted off non-alcoholic beer to the point several dudes started puking. Huh? No I didn't take advantage of them! Unless videotaping with intent to blackmail counts, which it does not. And if any of you guys even think about running for office, just remember: Sausage Partygate '08 -- I've got something you might be interested in.

Hit the jump and trick your mind into thinking its learning.

Placebo Effect: How The Hell Does It Work? [iambored]

Thanks to Shenanigans, who -- exactly. I couldn't have said it better myself.

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