The Last Of The Street Fighter Ultra Combos

March 2, 2011


Seen here throwing a life-altering nuttercut, two Street Fighters take turns performing ultra combos (NOT hj's) on each other. Sadly (or fortunately depending on how much you've hated them), this is the last installment in the Ultra Combos IRL series (previous efforts HERE and HERE). And, just like that, we close the book on Ultra Combos and put it back on the shelf. Probably right between the complete Harry Potter collection and your "sister's" copy of Twilight. I'M ON TO YOU, GLITTERNUTS!

Hit the jump for more cheesy dialogue than you could pass in two days even AFTER taking a bottle of Metamucil to the dome.


Thanks to emily, who once sweep-kicked a waitress for bringing her the wrong change. I can't even imagine what she would've done if her chicken wasn't cooked!

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