Guitar Guns: The Double Barrell Stratocaster

March 22, 2011


Please, no Kurt Cobain jokes in the comments.

Police raided a suspected gun-dealer's home in Luleå, Sweden, and found, among other things (possibly including unsafe sex-toys -- you never know), a homemade shotgun guitar. Or is it a guitar shotgun? Neither? Just shoddily crafted and not even a Stratocaster? Oh.

The oddest of the assortment was the guitar you see here - with a double barrel shotgun inside the body and the barrels running through the neck. Talk about getting your shred on. The body of the guitar had the start of a trigger to fire the shotgun.

The man told the police the guitar was "a fun thing that was not finished." The police found stickers of local gangs and believe the man was selling illegal weapons.

Whoa whoa whoa -- Sweden has gangs?! I thought Sweden was all meatballs and IKEA. Huh? Yes, and Volvo. But gangs? I don't like the sound of that. Or my own name, which is why I want you to call me Dragonlord the Serpent Slaya from now on.

Guitar Shotgun: An Axe and a Gun in One [technabob]

Thanks to Sam, who plays a drum-set packed with TNT. Okaaaaaaaaay, psycho.

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