The Brothers Mario 2, Kong Country (Plus Bonus Live-Action Duck Hunt Trailer!!)

March 29, 2011


This is The Game Station's sequel to their Brothers Mario trailer, again in the style of a Grand Theft Auto game. It's good. This one focuses on a new don moving to town (don Key Kong!!!!!!11) and demanding a piece of Bowser's action. The rest is history explosions and cheesy dialogue. I also posted the recent trailer (in 2-D AND 3-D!) for a live-action Duck Hunt movie they made as well, because I'm into combining things today. "Ooh ooh -- do baking soda and vinegar next!" YOU'LL GET SALT IN A WOUND AND LIKE IT!

Hit the jump for the Mario trailer, Duck Hunt in 2-D, and Duck Hunt in 3-D.



The Game Station's Youtube Channel (for a bunch of other video-game themed stuff)

Thanks to Nathan, who actually co-directed the piece. Ooooooh, mind if I send you some headshots? (read: random penis pictures I found on the internet)

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