The $50 Per 3-Hours Batman Hotel Room

March 13, 2011


Note: Low-res shots are after the jump but there's some much more worthwhile high-res shots HERE, HERE and HERE in cause you want to use your Bat-Goggles to scan the scene for semen stains.

This is the Eden Hotel's Batman suite in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. It costs $50 per 3-hours which is weird because I figured a person who'd stay in a Batman-themed hotel room is either A) nine, or B) not getting laid. "Jesus, GW, they pay for it." A-HA! Wait -- pay for what?

Hit the jump for the low-res shots.



The Romantic Batman Lair You Can Book for $50 a Stay [gizmodo]

Thanks to Jed, who agrees they better wash the Robin out of those sheets in-between visits.

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