Tennis T&A: Serena Williams In The 'Too Sessy For TV' Top Spin 4 Commercial

March 24, 2011


Note: Commercial after the jump probably NSFW on account of asses and moaning.

According to tipster Donald, this ad for Top Spin 4 is the 'Best Commercial Ever'. That makes Donald a pervert (keep those tips coming!). It features Serena Williams and some other chick playing the game with the Playstation's motion-controllers but with their asses hanging out and moaning like Ursula could steal their voices at any moment. Apparently is was banned from television but I don't know how anybody thought it would possibly be allowed in the first place considering if a child asked me what they were doing I'd jump out a window to avoid explaining it. *sipping from '#1 Dad' mug* So yeah, if you're into asses in provocatively cut bodysuits and women moaning their faces off, this is definitely the video for you. Me? I'm more into boobs in sports bras and women screaming 'THERE'S A MAN IN HERE WITH A VIDEO CAMERA!"

Hit the jump for more waaaaaay more tennis T&A than your company's code of conduct allows.


Thanks to Donald, who insists he isn't really a pervert, just an ass-man.

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