Straight From GW's Playbook: Male Monkeys That Wash With Urine Drive The Ladies Wild

March 1, 2011


Seen here prepping for a hot date, a male capuchin monkey who washes in his own urine is more likely to drive the lady-monkeys wild and, ultimately, get to show them his banana. HAVE SEEN, GOOD ON KONG DONGS THANK YOU.

A number of New World monkey species, including mantled howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys and the few species of capuchins, regularly "urine wash", urinating into the palm of the hand, then vigorously rubbing the urine into the feet and hindquarters.

Several hypotheses have been put forward as to why they do it, including that it may somehow help maintain body temperature or allow other monkeys to better identify an individual by smell.

A new study shows that the brains of female tufted capuchins become more active when they smell the urine of sexually mature adult males.

That suggests males wash with their urine to signal their availability and attractiveness to females.

HA -- and people just assume I'm drunk when I piss all over myself at the urinal! "Aren't you?" Well yeah, but now I can pretend like it's on purpose. "And what about when you shit yourself?" That's what attracts the dudes.

Sexy monkeys wash with own urine [bbcnews]

Thanks to Staticwolf, who's convinced if he doesn't move the little pigs won't be able to see him. Good luck with that.

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