Steampunk Wonder Woman & Lasso Of Tesla

March 30, 2011


Those...are some serious cans.

NOTE: Full-size version HERE in case those things aren't big enough for you already.

This is a steampunk Wonder Woman (digitally) painted by deviantARTist papaninja (aka Serge Birault) using his wife as a model because she wouldn't let him use Lynda Carter. HA -- women amirite? My girlfriend doesn't even like it when I expose myself on the bus as performance art. "You're gonna get arrested." SO -- LEONARDO DA VINCI GOT ARRESTED. "You're no da Vinci." But I'm into naked dudes! "WHAT?!" Painted foods, you know, like oranges and apples on a table -- still lifes. *whew*

Serge's DeviantART
Steampunk Wonder Woman [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Alan, who claims lassos of truth don't work on him, only motorboating. And to Tania, who has an invisible jet but no clue where she parked it.

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