Space Beer: For Out Of This World Drankin'

March 4, 2011


Hrey whas this brutton do?

Space beer, not to be confused with beer made with ingredients grown in space, is beer designed to be consumed in space by future space-tourists. Why does space deserve it's own beer? I dunno, but I'm getting pretty jealous about it!

The reason why space-goers need their own beer is two-fold.

First the carbonation in the beer poses a problem for those zero-G gulpers. Without the buoyancy force that the drink has on Earth, the carbon dioxide, which is dissolved in the beer, doesn't form bubbles-and who wants to drink a flat beer?

Second astronauts often face issues with a deadening of their taste buds. To overcome this tasting deficiency, the Australian company that made the brew decided it should be a stout, with the normal flavors enhanced.

The brew was bottled in early September and is expected to make its inaugural flight in November, aboard a plane that flies in long parabolic arcs to create periods of weightlessness. The beer will be tested for its qualitative taste and drinkability (hopefully not by the pilot).

The brew is a joint venture between Saber Astronautics Australia and 4-Pines Brewing Company, and, if all goes well, will even be available here on earth for you non-space cadets. But that's not what I came to tell you about, I came to tell you about getting drunk in space. DON'T TALK SHIT TO ALIENS, THEY WILL BLOW UP EARTH.

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Thanks to Fortune, who's so rich he has a magazine named after him. Share the wealth, bro!

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