Skeletonics Suit < Ripley's Power Loader

March 10, 2011


Seen here about to make two heads roll at once, a chick dude somebody demonstrates a Skeletonics exoskeletal suit. Amazingly, the entire thing is unpowered, making it far less effective at fighting Alien queens than a traditional power loader. The purpose? I have no idea. But if you covered it in green rubber skin it might make a pretty sweet ogre costume. Or you could, I dunno, cover it in gasoline, torch it AND STOP MAKING SHIT LIKE THIS.

Hit the jump for a video demonstration of the thing, but skip to about 4:00 for the real action to begin.

Skeletonics exoskeleton stars in thrilling demonstration video [engadget]

Thanks to stevie, Barb and Tony "Panda", who agree fighting an Alien queen with an unpowered mecha is like trying to run a marathon while morbidly obese: eventually, somethings bursting out your chest.

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