'Magic Wand' To Fight Fires With Electricity

March 29, 2011


Damn Harry, cast 'constipation breaker' STAT!

Fires: nobody wants to die in one (or a Black Friday stampede at Wal-Mart). And now scientists believe they're close to developing an electric-bolt shooting wand (personally, I imagine more of a Ghostbusters proton-pack THAN A FLAMMABLE TWIG) capable of breaking up and putting out flames. LIGHTNING BOLT -- LIGHTNING BOLT!

Scientists have known for centuries that an electric field will bend the shape of a flame, so this technology takes that thinking a step further with a wand that can fire flame snuffing pulses of electrically charged air towards the fire. This allows the firefighter to clear a path through the flames allowing the firefighters in, while letting any trapped people escape. They also see a future where traditional water sprinkler systems will be replaced by flame snuffing electrical pulse generators.

F***in' fires, how do they work aside, that's pretty awesome. Plus if they really do replace buildings' sprinkler systems with electrical pulse generators and we set off the fire alarm a couple times we'll all develop superpowers. Ooooooooor blast ourselves sterile. Win/win.

Future firefighters could use flame snuffing bolts of electricity [dvice]

Thanks to Jax, MannaFromKevin and Vanessa, who fight fires the old fashioned way: praying to Zeus for rain. Whoa -- kickin' it way oldschool!

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