No More Wet Dog Smell!: The Dogbrella

March 1, 2011


The Dogbrella is a $30 umbrella for dogs from Hamacher Skeletormaker. It's clear so your dog can see through it and not accidentally stab a cat in the eyes with the umbrella points (even though they want to!). I assume galoshes are sold separately. My dogs hate the rain so it's actually not that bad of an idea. Unfortunately, my dogs hate looking stupid even more than they do rain, which is why they tore their dogbrellas to pieces when I went out drinking. Hey -- it's fine with me guys, I don't mind toweling you off when we come back from a walk. Einstein: "woof!" Haha, no I'm not doing your butts anymore though. Chloe: "Arf!" Nipples either.

Product Site
The Dogbrella is One Part Hilarious, One Part Genius [geekosystem]

Thanks to Claire, whose dog doesn't have an umbrella BECAUSE IT'S A DOG.

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