Really Stretching It, You Are: Another Day, Another Animal That Looks Like Yoda

March 23, 2011


Because there are some nutjobs in the world that can't look at an animal without thinking it looks like Yoda (bat here and cat here), here's the latest: a Filipino tarsier. ZIPPTY-ZAP! "Tarsier, not taser." Right, I knew that.

It's not clear wether the animal used the Force to get into the tree but Erik decided the photo opportunity was too good to miss.

He said: 'I was walking through the jungle and then suddenly spied this little guy staring back at me, I'm a bit of a geek, and I thought 'hey, he looks just like Yoda.

Bit of a geek? No, a bit of a stoner is what you are, Erik. That thing looks nothing like Yoda. God forbid you ever have to identify a criminal in a line-up.

"That one -- it was that one!"
"Erik, that's a water cooler."

'Yoda' found in a tree in the Philippines [metro]

Thanks to Pesche and Rev Dr Dom, who're convinced any animal that's chubby looks like Jabba the Hutt. Okay now that's just being accurate.

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