Reader, You Are...NOT The Father: Scientists Successfully Create Lab-Grown Sperms

March 25, 2011


The race: you lost it.

In one of the first steps to rid the world of dudes, a group of feminist (no, not really) Japanese scientists have successfully grown mice sperm (I thought they looked like mice!) in the laboratory. Me? I only grow weed in the laboratory. Kidding! Totally in my closet.

...they hope to be able to do the same for humans in the not-too-distant future. They say it could be used to "aid prepubescent boys about to undergo cancer therapies that destroy fertility. It could also protect the reproductive potential of endangered animals that might die before reaching sexual maturity, he adds.

Fun fact: did you know sexual position can affect your chances of getting pregnant? It's true. But it does NOT affect the sex of the baby. That all depends on the day of the week!

Researchers successfully grow working sperm cells in a lab [dvice]

Thanks to Jordan and special k, who agree every sperm in that picture deserves a purple 'participant' ribbon for their effort.

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