Pushing Your Buttons: A Keyboard Tuxedo

March 23, 2011


Nice shirt, bro. IT'S CALLED AN IRON.

Because arts & crafters will never stop hot-gluing things to other things, this is a nonfunctional keyboard tuxedo (not to be confused with functional keyboard pants) made out of 1. a jacket and 2. a bunch of computer keys. It looks like something that crazy f*** with all the question marks on his jacket would wear (you're no Riddler), making it the last thing a normal person would want to be caught dead in. Or caught spread-eagle on the kitchen floor in for that matter. No sir, you're gonna want a 'KISS THE COOK' apron for that one.

A Jacket For Geeks [makeuseof]

Thanks to Sharlene, who fashioned a mousepad dress once but used Elmer's glue instead of hot-glue and was naked before she even left the house.

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