PS3 Headset Packed Into Helicopter Helmet

March 24, 2011


Modder el8id, best known for some wicked-ass spirit fingers, jammed a headset into an old helicopter pilot's helmet. That way, when you're playing Call of Duty and getting your ass handed to you, instead of imagining it's a bunch of pimply 13-year olds, you can imagine it's just some bearded nutjob with an aviator helmet on. Oh yeah, much better.

...a complete second circuit integrated to output to an RF-wireless headset that is also routed through the original system's speakers. The combination allows for a unique helmet that allows me to both have the ambient video-game sounds as well as chat-communications integrated into a single helmet for gaming, but also allows me to use it as a regular bluetooth, radio, or wireless headset form the TV when the wife isn't awake yet.

No word if he keeps the visor up or down during gameplay, but you better believe he's gonna lose some serious street cred if the answer is 'up'. Did I say street cred? I meant air cred. Helicopter pilot joke -- you wouldn't understand! Yes, yes you would. I just replaced 'street' with 'air'.

Mil-Surplus Heli Helmet Game Headset Probably Cooler Than Yours [make]

Thanks to Tom, who built his PS3 headset into a tinfoil helmet. Smart thinking, Tom. And by 'smart' I mean 'alien mind-control-free'.

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