POW-POW-POWER WHEELS! RANGERS: Every Ranger In Battle At The Same Time

March 8, 2011


7:30, guys, really? Isn't it a little early for an all-out battle? Daddy needs his coffee and some bathroom time.

This is a video from a recent episode of the Japanese equivalent of Power Rangers that quite possibly features every single Power Ranger in battle at the same time. Pfft, I'm pretty sure the original six could have handled it alone. Just sayin', Zordon, it wouldn't kill you to take a course in supply chain management before sending out the whole crew again.

In this scene from the Japanese tokusatsu show Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (which premiered last month in Japan), a battle erupts between some bad guys and what appears to be every Super Sentai (a.k.a. "Power Rangers" stateside) hero ever created.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like pulling out all the stops and having an every-ranger-ever battle in the first month of a show's premier is a little excessive. You gotta save that shit for when ratings are slumpin', yo! How could you possibly live up to a Power Ranger Battle Royale in the first month? "Uh, by replaying the same footage in a different context every couple weeks?" Touché, Rainbow Ranger -- now touch my butt.

Hit the jump for two minutes of spandex-clad spazzes running around waving their arms like idiots.

A battle with every Power Ranger in existence going absolutely bonkers en masse [io9]

Thanks to york and Jessie, who agree Zordon sucks when it comes to making Power-Ranger based logistical decision making.

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