Poké Rights, Not Poké Fights: Pokémon PSA

March 23, 2011


From the same makers as the live-action Pokemon movie trailer comes this 1:00 Pokémon PSA about the cruelty of Poké-fights. THAT SHIT'S NOT CASH. Pokémons are animals too, you know. No, no they're not. They're monsters and in medieval times would've been trapped and burnt at the stake. Oooooor fed to the dragon that lives in a cave above the castle. Still, they do have feelings. If you really want to watch a fight tell some chick some other chick called her a junky slut. There will be blood hair-pulling.

Hit the jump and get your public service on. Me? I have to pick up trash by the freeway :/


Thanks to Cal The New Noise Thriller, who may or may yes be replacing Cal The Old Noise Thriller, who died when a phonograph exploded on stage.

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