Poke It Out With A Stick!: Real Eye Of Sauron

March 22, 2011


Using an XBox Kinect's motion-tracking capabilities coupled with a Pufferfish globe-projection system, some creepazoids were able to produce a real Eye of Sauron that follows you around the room, all the while talking evil to ya. "Mmmm, I'm gonna run you through and drink your blood." DAMMIT I LIKE IT DIRTY, NOT F***ING EVIL.

The Technology Studio in the U.K. has built itself a desktop version of the unblinking Eye of Sauron, which follows you around with its gaze. It's almost creepy enough to make you want to turn invisible.

Pufferfish displays, called PufferSpheres, use an internal projector and some kind of totally sweet savory lens called an Umami lens that can toss the projection onto a nearly seamless 360 degree sphere.

Pretty cool, right? WRONG -- . It also explains how my psychic has been able to conjure up images of naked ladies in her crystal ball all these years. I'VE BEEN HAD! Just kidding, I knew they weren't real. But did that stop me from masturbating under the table? It did not. What did was the mole on her neck with all the hair growing out of it. Ceiling cat's got nothing on that thing.

Hit the jump for a short video of the eye in action.

Kinect and Pufferfish put the Eye of Sauron on your desk [dvice]

Thanks to Muggles Suck, who -- wrong franchise bro, get with the program.

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