Playing Magic, The Gathering With iPhones

March 31, 2011


Pfft, call me when you have enough for mahjong.

That's not actually Magic, I know. But I couldn't read what the cards say so I'm running with it. Also, with one of those beer helmets on TO STAY HYDRATED. Allegedly they're not even real iPhones, but Chinese knock-offs (but the real ones are made there too!). Regardless, dude probably could've saved a lot of money buying booster packs instead of phones. Plus who's to say he doesn't discreetly alter cards during gameplay? You think there's not an app for that? There's an app for that. But not pregnancy tests, no matter how hard you pee in the ear-speaker. Kidding, Apple's thought of everything -- the phone has to be plugged in though. Green battery means you've got a baby in that ass.

UPDATE: It's the Game of Thrones card game. Maybe we'll all get some sleep tonight after all.

Nothing screams "obnoxiously rich" like these iPhone playing cards [thenextweb]

Thanks to Missy, who agrees those things would be a bitch to shuffle.

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