Pedaling Plastered: The Bicycle Beer Holder

March 18, 2011


This $22 bicycle beer holder comfortably keeps a 6-pack of beer bottles right below your nuts. No word what to do if you're more of a 18-pack a day kinda guy, but my guess is get a basket. Alternatively, buy six-packs of cans, which come with their own plastic bike-mounts. Or do what I do and beg a neighbor to drive you to the liquor store and get a keg. That way you only have to go like once a week! "Over 150 beers a week -- really GW?" Really what? Economical? Yes.

Hit the jump for one more shot of the yes, yes you can get a DUI on a bike (I ran straight into a wall in front of a cop in college).


Etsy Product Site
Bike 6-pack Holder a Much Better Idea Than it Sounds [uberreview]

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