Oscar Best Picture Nominees LEGO Posters

March 11, 2011


These are the posters for the ten Oscar nominees for best picture recreated LEGO-style. This is only two here though, so hit the jump to see the other eight. They're all pretty good. Unless you're pissed they're not actually made with LEGO pieces, in which case I'M SORRY. But I do know what's really on your mind, and no, I never made it out to see a single one of these movies. I was going to go see 'Inception', but I realized it was probably more than my feeble brain could handle. And I was actually on the way to see 'True Grit' before I discovered there's a bar by the theater that I'd never been to before. I also discovered just how drunk I can get for the cost of a movie ticket. Not very. THANK GOD I'D BROUGHT MY THEATER FLASK AMIRITE?!

Hit the jump for the others. Or don't, I'm really having trouble caring. I dunno, something about IT BEING FRIIIIIIIIIIDAY!!


Oscar Best Picture Nominations Recreated in LEGO [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Joe (no relation to Bazooka), who didn't watch the Oscars because there were cartoons on. YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME!

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