Only Seen In Fast Forward: Portal 2's TV Spot

March 22, 2011


Please, try to keep your witty 'the ad is a lie' comments to a minimum.

Just in case you haven't seen it, this is Portal 2's TV spot. I think I might have seen it once when fast-forwarding through Dancing with the Stars but just kidding because I only DVR'd DWTS, I haven't actually watched it yet. The cast seems pretty booboo this season though, so I might skip it altogether. Just like SNL! Kidding, I actually watch SNL but it does manage to depress the everliving shit out of me week after week. I'm looking at you, Seth Meyers. No, no I'm not either. I get more than enough of that self-satisfied smirk of yours from ninety seconds of Weekend Update. Also, what's up with replaying the same shitty fake commercials (link to an actual good commercial) episode after episode? The pubic hair hair-restoration commercial wasn't funny the first two times. GOD, MAKE SOMETHING NEW. I apologize -- I'm not usually this much of a ranter. Raver, yes. *plunges E-pill up butthole, starts cracking glowsticks*

Hit the jump if you haven't seen it yet. Reminds me of a robotic version of Monsters, Inc.

Official Site
Valve's Youtube Channel

Thanks to dave, Ferrous, potholier than thou and Erin, who don't ever want to be Portal'd because they want to leave this planet with just as many holes as they came with. Haha, how many is that anyway?

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