NOT The Model We Were Looking For: Stormtrooper Poses For A Drawing Class

March 24, 2011


This is sped-up video of a Stormtrooper posing for a Life Drawing Class. "Who cares." WHO CARES?! There's a hot young lady under all that molded plastic! "You lie!" I do, totally a dude. Still, I took an art class in college once and we actually had nude models. Mostly male. Talk about awkward! You try painting and yelling 'YOW YOW SPIN THAT PEN LIKE A HELICOPTER!' and throwing singles the whole time. My shit looked like something a five-year old could've done.

Hit the jump for two-and-a-half minutes of 'why couldn't it have been a slave Leia'?

Stormtrooper Model in Art Class [starwarsblog]

Thanks to Carrie, who claims she once witnessed a nude model rip a blabbery fart in the middle of a pose and was so embarrassed she grabbed her robe and ran out of the studio crying. SCARRED. FOR. LIFE.

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