NO: Humanoid Robot Phone Gets Prototyped

March 4, 2011


Remember Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro's future-vision of robotic humanoid cell phones? Well the crazy SOB has started developing prototypes, and these are them. WOULD DROP IN TOILET AND NOT FISH OUT.

The Elfoid...fits in your pocket and tickles you when you've got a call.

"The mobile phone may feel like the person you are talking to," the ATR said, describing the gadget as a "revolutionary telecom medium".

They hope to put it into commercial production within five years by adding image and voice recognition functions.

The prototype, slightly bigger than the size of a palm, features an outer coating that feels like human skin, ATR officials said.

A speaker is installed in the head of the doll-like gadget and a light-emitting diode in its chest turns blue when the phone is in use and red when it is in standby mode.

The body resembles a human being but its design is so blurred that it could be taken as either male or female and young or old...

I'm not gonna lie, that sounds like the worst idea I've heard in a long time. I don't want no robot ticklin' my genitals every time I get a call! And I sure as hell don't want to talk into some androgynous android's nether-region. "Can you hear me now? How about now? Now? SORRY, I'M TALKING INTO A F***ING ROBOT'S CROTCH. Aaaaaaand I think I just licked its butthole."

Elfoid may be the creepiest mobile ever []

Thanks to Robbie, who -- oh God not the robot, right?! Whew.

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