No Fruit Roll-Up?: A Lunchbox Video Camera

March 16, 2011


Worst. lunch. ever.

The LunchCommunicator is a lunchbox with an integrated video camera that automatically starts recording to capture both your parent making your lunch (so you know they're not trying to poison you), as well as you eating it (so they know you ate the poison). It's supposed to help nurture appreciation for your family or something. You know, or Youtube videos of kids packing fruit-snacks up their noses. God, those were the days. What? I still ate them after!

When someone makes you lunch in the morning, the video camera records the whole thing. Later, when you eat, the computer plays back the behind the scenes making-of video, while recording you stuffing your face. And finally, when you get home, the video of you eating and hopefully enjoying yourself is available for viewing

Interesting concept. Unfortunately, I see this sort of thing getting predominately picked up by food porn enthusiasts. Also, icing bags and penis-shaped cookie cutters.

Hit the jump for a brief video demo of the 'open box, remove food, close box, throw away vegetables, open box pretending to eat last bite'.

Ungrateful kids need this video chat lunch box [dvice]

Thanks to Sam, who's gonna help me pitch 'The Kinky Kitchen' to the Food Network. Whip-cream titties FTW!

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