Nine Jobs Robots Will Steal From Humans

March 23, 2011


According to a recent article by MSNBC, this is a list of nine typically human jobs that robots are going to take over in the near-future, put you out of work, and make your whole family starve to death. That's not fear-mongering either, that's just the truth. You are officially f***ed if you're one of the following. Drum-roll please:

1. Pharmacists

2. Lawyers and paralegals
3. Drivers
4. Astronauts
5. Store clerks
6. Soldiers
7. Babysitters
8. Rescuers
9. Sportswriters and other reporters

If you follow the article back you can read the reasons why they believe robots will be taking over these particular professions, but that's not what's important. What's important is if you happen to be currently practicing one, I strongly encourage you reconsider your career choice. Me? I'm an astronaut, so you can imagine how pissed I am. Literally, soaked. It's all warm and I think the girls next to me at Starbucks are starting to smell it. Just smile and wave, GW, just smile and wave. *shrieking* Just gather your things and go, GW, just gather and go.

Nine jobs that humans may lose to robots [msnbc]

Thanks to meg, who agrees the only good robot is an unemployed one. "But GW, you know what they say -- idle hands are the devil's playground." Really -- they say that? I always thought idle hands were prone to masturbating.

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