NES 8-Bit Breathalizer Is An Actual Game

March 3, 2011


This is a Nintendo cartridge that's been stuffed with a breathalizer unit and synced to a homebrew NES game so you can blow into it and find out just how boozy you are. Fun for the whole family! (Except grandma, she's a mean drunk).

DrunkenNES is a for-real NES game lovingly constructed with machine code by Batsly [Adams], music by chiptune artist Kris Keyser and art by Motherboard photographer Emi Spicer.

A regular NES cartridge has been loaded with an actual breathalyzer mechanism, which Batsly says he bought from a hardware store. He hacked it into a corded controller that connects to the console just like a normal joystick. After blowing into it for several seconds, the game calculates how slizzered you've gotten and awards you with one of several 'results' screens like Buzzed Bee and Party Kitten. Best party game ever? Yeah, I'd say so.

Very cool. Of course the fact that you'd have to tote a whole NES around pretty much limits its practicality to at-home use only. Which, correct me if I'm wrong, is the one place it doesn't matter how drunk you get. Unless you're one of those drunk-texters, in which case, God, enough with the penis pictures already, I'm on a pay-per-text plan! Just kidding, but do try to consolidate.

Hit the jump for a drunk cameraman filming a drunk breathalizer user. Barfy! Also, a less puke-inducer of some of the possible rankings.

Calculate Your DrunkenNES With This 8-Bit Breathalyzer Game [motherboard]

Thanks to Chris, who agrees the best way to see how drunk you are is the ol' piss test. If your pants are soaked, you're probably wasted.

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