Microsoft, Feds Bring Down BotNet Spam Ring, Boner Pill Emails Drop Almost 40%

March 20, 2011


Uh, is that a dude with tits?

Microsoft, working with the federal gubment, successfully raided a number of web-hosts around the country, bringing down a bot-network of compromised computers they believe are responsible for as much as 40% of all spam emails. Weird, because my box is still packed with boner-pills. Did I say box? I meant butt. That's where I keep my stash.

"Shutting down Rustock could put a huge dent in spam worldwide," reports CNet. Indeed, tech security giant Symantec estimated last year that Rustock was responsible for 39% of the world's spam. "The shutdown is one of the rare victories against cybercriminals who use botnets, or herds of compromised computers, to wreak havoc on the internet," writes VentureBeat. "It shows that technology can be used to perpetrate cyber crime as well as to hunt down cyber criminals."

Alas, "At the moment, it's safest to say Rustock has been made inactive, rather than having been taken down," according to "The estimated million infected zombie computers are still out there, and if Rustock's creators are wily they might be able to regain control over some portion of them."

Great, now where am I supposed to go for cheap drugs? "The ghetto." The ghetto?! But it's dangerous to go alone! "Here, take this." *looking* This is a sign that says 'ROB ME' with a bunch of racial slurs.

Spam Network Shut Down [wallstreetjournal]

Thanks to Rooble, who, got any testosterone pills?

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