Many Bothans Died: Lightsaber Factory Fail

March 29, 2011


Ever wonder what happens when you run a lightsaber factory entirely with Gungan slaves and absolutely zero quality control? This. That thing's not even a lightsaber anymore, that's a lightlasso. *swinging over head* Quick, somebody point me at a tauntaun! *PSHFWWWUUUMMMMMM!!*
...Its guts are everywhere aren't they?

Hit the jump for the short but worthwhile video, which is actually a Polish steel factory (which explains why everything went to shit -- they can't even screw in lightbulbs!).

Lightsaber Factory Of The Day [geeks.thedailywhat]

Thanks to Tim, who used to work at a BlasTech Industries blaster factory before finding out they employed child-labor and putting in his two-weeks only to be forced to continue his work but as an unpaid slave. Ouch -- tough break.

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