Magical Naked Unicorn Head Girl On Beach

March 15, 2011


Note: Full picture after the jump, which, while everything IS covered, may be considered NSFW depending on how your employer feels about fine art. YOU CAN'T FIRE ME FOR BEING CULTURED.

There's magical, and then there's naked lady unicorn mask on the beach magical. Or is that creepy? Whatever the case, I think we can all agree she and a merman would make beautiful hybrids together. I'm talking about creatures that can fly AND swim, folks. F***in' mermicorns. Quick, man the harpoon -- daddy smells a new WoW mount!

Hit the jump to see the whole thing, along with a link to photographer Ben Hopper's website with a VERY NSFW full-nude version (go to Projects > Naked Girls with Masks -- can't miss it).


Photographer Ben Hopper's Website

Weird Unicorn Headed Naked Girl on the Beach [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Jake, who tried to tame a mermicorn once with disappointing results. Ha -- you can't tame mermicorns without the talisman of Neptune!

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