Possible Leaked Sequel Footage (Not Really)

March 17, 2011


Note: Video possibly NSFW due to some pirate-talk. Keep the speakers on low and you should be gravy. Me? I'm a country biscuit.

I won't tell you what sequel because that would ruin the surprise, but I f***ing love ruining surprising so I'll just tell you: 'Transformers'. Just kidding. No but seriously it's actually from the new 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. That was also a lie, despite the awesome tie-in to the 'pirate-talk' alluded to in the note above. What do you know -- I guess I'm better at keeping secrets than I'd thought! 'Iron Man 3' -- 'IRON MAN 3'! Dammit, and I was doing so well. And I still am because that wasn't it either! Haha, second chances! Everybody gets one.

Hit the jump to find out, but you have been clued.

Haha -- the answer was right beneath your nose the whole time! (scroll down)

Guy Hits His Girlfriend Over Texts [thehighdefinite]

Thanks to Erin and Woobly, who don't fight crime as much as they run the other way with their hands above their heads screaming. Same here.

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