Link & Zelda Set Up Business In Hong Kong

March 29, 2011


Zeta -- really? Not even Zora or Zelda?

Note: It's dangerous to go alone! Full-res shot HERE.

I'd recognize that sword and shield anywhere! Unless they were at a crime scene in which case, nope, never seen that shit. Officer what do I look like, some sort of adventurous 'save the princess' type? I barely leave the basement and I've never seen a princess's tits before IN MY LIFE. No clue what Zeta trading trades in, but my guess is arrows and bombs. "What about bottles?" I'M CHUGGING ONE RIGHT KNOW, I KNOW THAT. Okaaaaaaaaaay, pretty sure that one was a fairy.

Location in Google Maps

Thanks to Tom, who actually found the sign randomly searching Hong Kong streets in Google Maps. Suuuuuure you were, Tom. OR SHOULD I SAY, GANON?!

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