Let The FAKE!ing Begin: Condiment Scooper Magically Picks Up Spilled Ketchup And Mayo

March 28, 2011


I know the screencrap looks like a crappy paint scraper, but you really have to watch the video to fully appreciate the future of condiment cleaning technology. Oooooooooor just call it fake and gay (I really encourage you all not to use gay though) and move on with your life. I've watched the video like four times and I still have zero clue what the hell's going on. Sorcery or fake, it's your call. My call? Paper towels.

Hit the jump and prepare to be dumbfounded. Seriously, your boss will probably walk in an hour and you'll just be drooling into your keyboard and turning your head like a dog that doesn't understand.

Product Site
Life-Altering Spilt Condiment Cleaning Apparatus of the Day [thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Pat, Devon and PsychoSane13, who pick up their messes the old fashioned way: leaving them for somebody else to deal with.

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