Left 4 Dead, The Interactive (Read: Choose Your Own Adventure Style) Youtube Video

March 31, 2011


Again from The Game Station (who are quickly becoming the Stephen King of video game-related Youtube videos) comes this interactive Left 4 Dead number. Number, get it? Like Left 4 Dead. I AM THE TIE-IN KING! "No." Prince? "No." Stable boy? "Moat-digger." SONOFA! It's like a Choose Your Own Adventure book but with way less reading. Unfortunately, at the end of the video you only get to make a single decision, with all but one option ending with you being eaten by zombies. So yeah, choose wisely (read: NOT THE GIRL).

Hit the jump to test your zombie-apocalypse survival skills...or something.


Thanks to eric, Spartan Martin (suuuuuuure you are) and Reeves, who don't choose adventures, adventures choose them. But like, what if you just wanted to nap?

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