Jump Through One, I Dare You: Portals IRL

March 16, 2011


They really tie the room together. Literally!

Because you all felt obligated to trash this guy's Portal mirror despite your own, non-existent Portal mirrors being infinitely shittier, a couple decided to improve the design to include some colored rope-lighting. These are the results. The results from the IQ test? Hold on, I've got those too. You: 0. Yeah, the tester said you turned in a comic book. Personally, I would've tossed you a few points for that.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots including one of the back in case you're really struggling with the concept of attaching rope-lights to the back of a mirror.




My husband and I have a portal themed basement... we made these. They turned out really cool [reddit]
Pictures [imgur]

Thanks to Kelly, POP A CAPS-LOCK, barry and Simon, who have all convinced friends if you flush something down a toilet and then run out to the street real quick you can see it float by in the storm drain. LOLWUT?

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